Window Tinting

Window tinting is a superb way to keep your car cool and comfortable.  Detailz is pleased to offer you customizable window tint that serves both aesthetic and practical functions.  We have a full line of automotive window tinting options, and many different solar and safety film options available for commercial and residential tinting.  Detailz prides itself in the quality of its service and workmanship.  We take great care to provide the best materials and the highest quality film installation for every customer whether your requirement is Automotive, Commercial or Residential. 

Each job is exclusively tinted by the owner and carry the manufacturer's and installer's limited lifetime warranties.  All auto tinting installs are done in our purpose built premises in Mildenhall to provide the best, cleanest installation possible.  Only exception being the many new car dealerships we service in which we travel to their site for the intalls.  Get it done right the first time at Detailz.



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